Update 2.7.4 Available Now

Kindly uninstall the older version of the software. Then, only download the new version and install it in your system.

Changelog - 2.7.4 (08 Apr. 2023)
* ChromeDriver updated to V-112
* Code Level Issues while rebranding - Resolved

Changelog - 2.7.3 (04 Apr. 2023)
* BUTTONS issue partially resolved
Limitations ->
1) Working Only NORMAL BUTTONS (Call Button and Link Button will not work)
2) Buttons will not be send using WhatsApp Business Account
(Please wait for next update)

* Autoreply Bot - Issue Resolved
* Grab Chat List - Now you can get All labels along with name and number
* Contact List Grabber - Now you can get All labels along with name and number
* Contact List Grabber - Group Grabber - Now you can get Group Links along with Groups is you are admin
* Arabic and french language corrections
* Now You can send file As Audio Recording - If you select any file with .OGG extension, system will automatically send it as Audio Recording
* G Map Extractor Improvements - Added New fields -> Email Id, Category, Closing Hour, latitude, longitude ,Instagram Profile, Facebook Profile, Linkedin Profile, Twitter Profile
* G Map Extractor - Now you can use multiple keywords with multiple locations
* Brazilian Numbers issue Resolved

Changelog - 2.7.2 (10 Feb. 2023)
* Because of Web WhatsApp update 'Contact Not Found' Issue - Resolved .
* Internal Updates Are now working - Issue Resolved.

Changelog - 2.7.1 (10 Feb. 2023)
* Parameters Not working since Version 2.7.0 Issue Resolved
* ChromeDriver update Option is now available in Settings, Now no need to do anything after Your chrome updated
Go to settings in the top right corner; the settings window will open. Find the "UPDATE CHROME DRIVER" option,
Press the Button and wait for it.

Changelog - 2.7.0 (09 Feb. 2023)
* ChromeDriver Updated to Version 110
* Enabled Random , Keymarkers, and Parameters in Caption
* added 'About' dialog in settings Window to show all lenience Information, including Remaining Days
* Grab Active Group Members Not Working - Issue Resolved
* Bug fixes - 'Download Excel Template' twice saving showing error
* Bug fixes - Auto remove + and spaces from number
* Bug Fixes - Cant Delete any rule from Bot if any non English language selected

Changelog - 2.6.9 (18 Jan. 2023)
* One-time Initialization - Done - Now you don't need to Initialize Web WhatsApp every time
* Now you can use the AutoReply bot and Software at the same time
* Automatic Updates for - 'Web WhatsApp update' and 'Google Chrome version change' - You can check internal updates using the 'setting' button.
* Added PAUSE and STOP buttons in Single Sender, Group Sender, Number Filter, Group Joiner, and Group Member Adder.
* Adding Bulk Group Member was not working because of a web WhatsApp update - Resolved

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